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Dr. B
Queen B

Bowling with

The Bird Man
The Bird & the Bees

    Wanna B

Team Roster

The Bird Man (Team Captain)

John Henn is a man with many interests, all of which are controlled with medication. A worthy captain of our ship.

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Queen B

Sherrie Bartell is the soul of our little group. She has the highest two-digit average in the league. Her guidance and knack for direction assures us a 200 game every week . . . we hope! Her words of encouragement inspire our team: Up the middle!

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Wanna B

Ralph Barosi enjoys mid-week outings and likes to drive real fast. He always keeps his bowsers truckled.

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Dr. B (Team Owner/Physician)

Michael Bartell is a true hero. Balding, though full of hair, funny though quite serious -- only his hairdresser knows for sure.

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Bowling Pintop


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